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Shopizona enables you to get 60% more revenue, 10x new customers and boost your brand visibility by providing insights to improve your business.

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What will Shopizona charge me for creating a page on its platform?

Creating a Shopizona Merchant Account on Shopizona is free of cost. You can maintain your page by replying to reviews and do a lot more without any charges.

What all documents required for registering on Shopizona Merchant?

Registration for Shopizona Merchant online  requires:

a: FSSAI certificate (application no. if FSSAI is not present)

b: PAN Card

c: GST certificate (if applicable)

What happens if the average order value of Shopizona orders is very low

Average order value from our platform is generally more than Rs 150. However, in some cases, users want to try out your place by ordering for lesser amount. But we have observed that they eventually come back with higher value orders if they like your food.

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